In Blender 2.80, how to set a custom transform orientation programmatically?

Blender Asked by egtwobits on August 30, 2020

Transform orientations in Blender 2.80 are marked as read-only. What is the proper way to provide a custom matrix as a transform orientation in 2.80?

It looks like this call is needed to create a new orientation, which has a .matrix attribute which is NOT read only. Is this the intended usage? The user interface and docs for this don’t make it clear.

One Answer

Here's a working solution/snippet, with a description below:

        orthonormal_basis_matrix = mathutils.Matrix(
                [vcross[0], vnorm[0], vdest[0]],
                [vcross[1], vnorm[1], vdest[1]],
                [vcross[2], vnorm[2], vdest[2]]
        orient_slot = [
            slot for slot in
            if slot.custom_orientation
               and == 'MAPlus'
        if orient_slot:
            orient_slot[0].custom_orientation.matrix = orthonormal_basis_matrix
            print('Error: Could not find MAPlus transform orientation...')
  • Call create_transformation to add a named transformation
  • Use a list comprehension to search through the available bpy.context.scene.transform_orientation_slots for a slot having a custom_orientation (TransformOrientation object) with the name you provided
  • Test whether the list comprehension/search came up with any results, then use the discovered object and set its matrix

Answered by egtwobits on August 30, 2020

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