Remove vertex mid of edge, Function like Cinema 4d's Optimize

Blender Asked by MadBall on December 9, 2020

Does Blender has the function like C4D’s optimize: can remove isolated vertexes or some problem vertexes in picture below. They are in mid of the edge, I can not use merge by distance function.. What should i do except manual selecting them..

Need to remove these vertexes in mid of an edge

One Answer

Use Limited dissolve

Mode: Edit Mode

Menu: Mesh ‣ Delete ‣ Limited Dissolve

This tool can simplify your mesh by dissolving vertices and edges separating flat regions.

Max Angle

Reduces detail on planar faces and linear edges with an adjustable angle threshold.

All Boundaries

Always dissolve vertices that have two edge users at boundaries.


Prevent faces from joining when they don’t share certain properties (material for e.g.).


Correct answer by susu on December 9, 2020

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