Miniature Lepin box door stuck inside box itself

Bricks Asked by mindstormsboi on October 23, 2021

Yes, maybe the title may be confusing, but this image says it all:

I got a Lepin city set not too long ago, and it included this box. I have no idea how this happened but during use the door mysteriously got stuck inside the box. I’m not really surprised since the set came with an excessively loose head, but I need to get this door out of the box.

Part seperators are too big and bulky to fo the job, so that’s not an option. I don’t have any minifig crowbars either, and using my fingernails hurts and aren’t strong enough. Alternatively I use that golden sword in the picture to grip the handle and attempt to pull out the door but the space available to move the door is very limited, and it gets too tight. Thus when I keep pulling the sword starts to bend, and eventually it loses grip and drops the door. I tried this method countless times and have had no luck.

What can I do? How can I get the door out of the box? (obviously it shouldn’t require damaging parts)

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Finally, I did it. I wasted two days waiting for answers when the solution is actually very simple.

I just lifted the box cover with my fingertips just a tiny bit, so that there was enough space to stick something thin between the box cover and the box itself. I did not lift as much as possible because:

  • My fingers would slip and drop the box lid again, because the remaining space to lift it all the way out would be too tight

  • I need enough space to stick something thin in between.

Then I got a thin-blade knife, as zovits recommended, and pulled it down like a lever, making the other end go up and force the cover out. Easy!

Answered by mindstormsboi on October 23, 2021

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