Dynamic viscosity of gas mixture (appropriate estimation)

What estimation of the dynamic viscosity $eta = f(T)$ $([eta] = pu{Pa·s})$ of the gas mixture components would you recommend during adsorption at a low temperature, approx. $pu{293 K}$ to $pu{333 K},$ and a relatively low pressure?

Gas mixture contains $ce{N2}$ (the major component), $ce{CO2}$ and $ce{H2O}$ in the form of water vapor.

I assume the gas mixture to be ideal.

About a year ago, I use to calculate the dynamic viscosity using Lennard–Jones coefficients for a slightly different conditions if I recall correctly. However, I cannot find my calculations, hence I wanted to check whether using these coefficients would be relevant for such case.

Chemistry Asked by Josh E. on December 31, 2020

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