How can I assign one contact to one of the team workers?

CiviCRM Asked by Vanessa Davila on December 10, 2020

Right now everybody have access to the info of all the contacts. And we need that only specific people of our team get access to the info of a specific group of people.

How do we do that?

2 Answers

You can create ACL through UI if you have very limited group if you have 50+ groups and will increase going forward than would recommend to write a small extension that implements ACL civi hook to control the action on contact.

Some useful docs to configure ACL via UI:

For some use case you may like to use below extension

Answered by Pradeep Nayak on December 10, 2020

ACL or Access Controls should be able to do that.

BUT... I've never worked with Joomla so can't offer any further advice

Answered by Craig Almond on December 10, 2020

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