Why are deleted contacts showing in search results?

CiviCRM Asked on August 30, 2021

I just upgraded a Drupal site to 5.27.1 and am noticing that when I do a search for contacts, contacts that are in the trash are also showing up in results (which did not happen before). I was able to reproduce this on the official demo server as well (reporting 5.29.alpha1) by deleting a contact and then running a search with that deleted contact’s name — they still show up in the results.

When I click on the contact record it still does show correctly that the contact is deleted.

2 Answers

I think this is already reported on git lab and has fixed at

The fix is available in 5.27.2 version of Civi. Try upgrading Civi to 5.27.2

Correct answer by Pradeep Nayak on August 30, 2021

Answered by Laryn - on August 30, 2021

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