Is dalgona coffee without sugar still "fluffy"?

Coffee Asked by Romna Dolan on August 31, 2021

Would love to make dalgona coffee without sugar – is the granulated sugar necessary to keep the coffee "fluffy"? The recipe calls for two tablespoons of sugar – are there are some sweetener alternatives that will give you the same "fluffy" texture as using granulated sugar?

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I have just made one batch with Xylitol:

enter image description here

Other websites also recommend Erythritol - which isn’t surprising, considering that both are sugar alcohols. (Note that both can have a laxative effect, individual tolerance varies.)

Apparently the (non-)sugar granules aren’t even required, I have seen (albeit not tested myself) recipes that use liquid sweeteners, e.g. this one with maple syrup, but I have also read posts that claim that they whip well, but that the stability of the foam is not the best.

Correct answer by Stephie on August 31, 2021

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