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"test" chat channel taking over the main one - what are my options?

I'm trying to start a hackerspace in my city. We have a community of about a dozen of people that regularily meet together in person and a chat channel where...

Asked on 09/03/2021

1 answer

Adult Edition Online Community

I'm starting a new online art and entertainment website but I'm facing an censorship issue. As the site is art orientated, and of a certain niche ( not "adult" ),...

Asked on 09/03/2021

1 answer

What should a moderator do if a user posts content on a site that is well-meaning, but unfriendly in content?

A user posts questions and/or answers that are well-meaning, but unfriendly in content. Their posts get a lot of upvotes as well as a few flags. What should moderators do?...

Asked on 09/03/2021 by Nicolas Chabanovsky

2 answer

What to say for milestone celebration post?

I have a Facebook group about philosophy, and it gets 1000 members. How should I celebrate this, and encourage people to engage and interact?...

Asked on 09/03/2021

1 answer

What is the threshold of engagement that determines an active community?

Is there a metric that defines a difference between an engaged community versus content produced locally by the agent? What is a good protocol for scaling up and scaling down...

Asked on 09/03/2021 by Mo_delfren

0 answer

All In A Name : Going off-topic when you're a niche community

I'm starting up a small community, and I currently have a very brandable name which is very suited to the type of posts I'm going to be ( primarily )...

Asked on 09/03/2021 by W Six

1 answer

How can I transition a mostly physical community in a mostly virtual or hybrid one?

Due to current events surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, physical meetings are prohibited and can be punished, severely, in the country I live in. We are an organised service club. Normally,...

Asked on 09/03/2021

3 answer

How to change a policy that's has always been this way but needs to be changed now?

I'm a member in a local community which is associated with multiple associations above it (think of it like statewide, nationwide and so on). There are a lot of layers...

Asked on 09/03/2021 by Zerotime

1 answer

How to create a crowd-sourced news platform, avoiding certain issues of existing news platforms?

The Problem:When I read/watch/listen to news in official media of various countries, I struggle with some issues:Strong overall focus on some topics, ignorance about other topicsPriming, in the meaning...

Asked on 09/03/2021 by pato

0 answer

Handling user who is brilliant but disruptive

I'm a member of an online community built around a certain piece of open-source software. It's the place where we discuss development, bugs, etc - i.e. it's a place where...

Asked on 01/31/2021 by Jenny D

7 answer
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