Aligning (matching) colors (white balance, brightness) of two scenes based on reference object

Computer Graphics Asked by Przemek B on July 23, 2020

What I am trying to do is to become able to compare with reasonable accuracy two real world fabric/textures (colorwise speaking) at two distinct locations. I cant move them into single place to observe them close to each other and in the same light conditions.

I was thinking about such "protocol":

  1. print some "test pattern" on white paper (reference object)
  2. go into location 1 and take picture of object A close to reference object
  3. go into location 2 and take picture of object B close to reference object
  4. use some application/library/own code, to adjust colors on photo B so the reference object look similar (colorwise) to reference object on A
  5. compare visualy or statistically (programmaticaly) objects A and B

Does anyone know what is the easiest way to perform point 4? Is there applicatation for that step, or library or any other shortcut than implementing this on my own?

Or, maybe anyone knows application for the whole process, not particularly point 4, which could help me, or another protocol for performing such comparison?

Also please let me know it this cant be done this way, or rather, this is oversimplified solution to provide "reasonable accuracy", and if so – why?

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