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Corrupt values when writing and reading from the same RWTexture2D in HLSL/DirectX?

I'm playing around with DirectX 12 ray tracing, and I'm trying to read and write data to a 32-bit RGBA floating point RWTexture2DArray within a DirectX 12 HLSL shader....

Asked on 08/27/2021 by b1skit

0 answer

BRDF for point lights should not return values over 1

This is standard Cook-Torrance BRDF in formulation for a single point light. No intergrals over a hemisphere, just a single direction to a source of incoming energy. $$L_o...

Asked on 08/27/2021 by Emil Kabirov

1 answer

Approximating Geodesics in a half edge DS, how can I refine my mesh to get good approximations

I implemented Djikstra's shortest path algorithm to approximate Geodesics on arbitrary meshes. Djikstra's works, but I noticed a problem inherent to the discretization of my meshes. Consider the following figure...

Asked on 08/27/2021 by Makogan

1 answer

How to translate the center of an equirectangular projection?

I'm trying to perfectly align two or more equirectangular photos of the same place taken from slightly different positions.Using an example provided by openMVG I managed to get the...

Asked on 03/03/2021 by Lucio Coire Galibone

1 answer

Properties of the image reconstruction filter in rendering

Let $f$ denote the measurement contribution function for paths of length $kinmathbb N$, i.e. $$f(x)=g(x_0leftrightarrow x_1)W_{text e}(x_1to x_0)t_k(x_0,ldots,x_k)L_{text e}(x_kto x_{k-1}),$$ where $$t_k(x)=prod_{i=2}^kg(x_{i-1}leftrightarrow x_i)f_{text s}(x_ito x_{i-1}to x_{i-2}),$$...

Asked on 02/10/2021

2 answer

How linear interpolation works between mipmaps?

Nearest interpolation between 2 texels means to take the texel whose center is nearest to a given coordinate to draw or, in other words, the texel the coordinate is matching....

Asked on 01/29/2021 by Adrian

2 answer

Dynamic Array in GLSL

Is it possible to have a dynamic array in a GLSL shader? For instance, what if I have something like this in my GLSL Shader:uniform int size;uniform SceneLights lights[size];void...

Asked on 01/13/2021 by Archmede

3 answer

Applying voltages to conductors in passive-matrix LCD

In the picture the horizontal and vertical lines are the conductors and the intersections are the pixel positionsI want to turn off...

Asked on 01/05/2021 by Bisma

0 answer

Combine box shadow with a signed distance field

I'm using 2d signed distance fields in my current project for drawing shapes (example: and I want to add drop shadows to them. At first I...

Asked on 01/02/2021 by weichsem

0 answer

Why is eye-based ray tracing preferred over light-based ray tracing?

It seems that virtually all path tracers use eye-based or view-based path tracing. That is, the light rays originate from the camera rather than the light source. The reason given...

Asked on 08/12/2020 by jheindel

2 answer

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