Perspective correct interpolation z-buffer

Computer Graphics Asked by lightxbulb on August 27, 2021

While I was deriving expressions for perspective-correct linear interpolation on triangles, I reached the conclusion that the interpolation may be kept linear only if view-space $Z$ is available. However, computing view-space $Z$ requires nonlinear interpolation (it is a rational function based on my results). Is nonlinear interpolation performed in hardware to get perspective correct $Z$, or equivalently linear interpolation is performed on $frac{1}{Z}$ but a division is required to get view-space $Z$ anyways? As far as I get it there is no way around that – a division is required per-pixel to get perspective-correct Z values – is that correct?

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Yes, that's correct. Perspective-correct interpolation works by (for some quantity $u$ to be interpolated) calculating $u/z$ and $1/z$ at each vertex, linearly interpolating those values in screen space, then calculating $u = (u/z) / (1/z)$ at each sample point. This is done by the GPU hardware behind the scenes.

Correct answer by Nathan Reed on August 27, 2021

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