Are there any lists of concepts in a re computer science?

Computer Science Educators Asked by user9790 on January 5, 2021

Are there any list of concepts re computer science? I’m a uni student with gaps of time in study due to illness and I want to revise things, but because of reduced course loads and weird ordering due to illness. I’m not sure what I remember or not. And looking for tutors online they only seem to tutor in one thing.

I’m not sure what I should prioritize or what order to revise in – so I know what to work on with a tutor or which area to start? I’ve done a intro Python course, Java course re bigger project, HCI, linear algebra, Discrete Maths, Multivariate Calculus, Algorithms, Computer Systems course with small amount of C, Stats course, Information Systems (SQL and DB Design, 2nd year one on internals like B+ index and other stuff, Big Data). I’ve also done 2 specific Bionformatics courses and Biology related courses re Bioinformatics stuff.

Plus I’ve gone on websites like HackerRank or codingame or codecombat or exercism. I know there’s edX and coursera.

Probably wrong place to ask, but I wish I could have a checklist, because current approach of doing things on websites is not helping me. Oh, when I did these courses I got results in the top 2 grading scale categories, but because of time…

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At degree level it isn't likely you will find a single book or teacher to cover all the material.

I would make a list of the course titles that you have missed then go to the library. You will probably find a section of books for each of your course topics. Usually the course notes will have a recommended textbook.

If you are struggling you could also talk to your course tutor.

Answered by Jon Guiton on January 5, 2021

Look at the list of courses offered at the undergraduate and master's level at your own university and a couple of others. The course titles should give you a pretty good idea of the range of things.

The list of courses you say you've had may be a bit focused on applications, rather than theory, and on maths rather than CS. I'm not seeing Operating Systems or Compilers and Language Principles, for example.

Any single university's catalogue should be pretty close to covering it, but might miss one or two things. Look at two or three online. Some will even provide a syllabus if you can find the professors that normally teach the courses.

Answered by Buffy on January 5, 2021

I like this template. Grab any of those for your taste to make fun.

List of Computer Science topics

Answered by danbst on January 5, 2021

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