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Computer Science Educators Asked by Ella Sharakanski on January 22, 2021

I have created a PowerPoint presentation and I want to create a video of me presenting it. I’m looking for a software to make my life easier. The features I’m looking for are:

  1. Can record a 25-minute video for free.
  2. Works on Mac.
  3. Can record the screen and me (audio+video).
  4. Lets me rewind while recording and continue from there, so that if I make a tiny mistake I can just go a few seconds (or one slide) back and continue recording.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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If you don't mind skipping your own face, your easiest, cheapest option is probably PowerPoint itself. PowerPoint allows you to record audio (and animations) for each slide, set up timing for the next slide to start automatically, and export the entire thing as a video.

I'm not aware of any product that both fits criteria 1 (free) and criteria 3 (video of you).

Answered by Ben I. on January 22, 2021

OBS Studio fills your description.

It is not the easiest program to use, but you can find plenty of tutorials on YouTube.

While rewinding the recording again might seem appealing, it is very common to find out more errors after you complete the recording. In that case, you need a better video editor. OBS studio might be enough, but shotcut is your best bet.

Answered by Gianluca Della Vedova on January 22, 2021

If we look at the world of movies. We see that long single takes (cut less scenes) are rear and often talked about. There are hard to do, and slow down the pace of a movie. Consider recording in smaller slices.

Next consider that mistakes can improve teaching. If you show your students that you also make mistakes, then you can improve their confidence. When I teach the same class over and over, I get good at it. When doing demonstrations, I have to concisely add in mistakes. I am demonstrating how to program. If I show that I get it correct first time, then I am not showing right.

Answered by ctrl-alt-delor on January 22, 2021

For high-stakes presentations, I suggest writing a script. 1 page of well-spaced A4 reads back at ~3 minutes and allows you to get your points across clearly and concisely, especially points that need to be well-phrased.

This should enable you to do a one-take presentation on Zoom or OBS.

If you baulk at writing a presentation, record yourself, transcribe it (I think that’s built into Word on a Mac) then tidy it up. If you are like me, that will involve deleting many instances of the word “arm”.

Answered by David Lovell on January 22, 2021

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