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A beginner example of xor, that is functional (does not switch to procedural)

I have been trying to think of an example of xor to connect with what students already know. I did some searches. But everything I found, seems to have unconsciously...

Asked on 08/21/2021

10 answer

Is it necessary or advisable to teach text-based input and output in a non-CS intro programming course?

I teach an intro programming course in a social science department. My field is geographic information systems. The goal for the course is for the students to understand scripting in...

Asked on 08/21/2021 by Lee Hachadoorian

6 answer

Is there a word for mathematics/physics/data-analytics/....?

I'm trying to categorize university courses of the department of computer science and electronic engineering. Such courses may include:Data Analytics and Machine LearningComputer Science and PhysicsComputer Science and MathematicsCyber Security...

Asked on 08/21/2021 by Loizos Vasileiou

3 answer

How can I find someone online to mentor me on my first research paper?

I am an undergraduate student, and I have an idea which I want to explore and write a research paper on. But I am totally new to this.I don't...

Asked on 08/21/2021

3 answer

Are there any recommended tools for teaching syntax and grammar of programming languages?

I would like to know if there are some tools to teach the following topics in a programming paradigms course:Demonstration of lexical rulesDemonstration of grammar rules, such as tree parsers...

Asked on 08/21/2021 by Lila

1 answer

Study the book "Computer Architecture- A quantitative approach" (3rd Edition) for the first time

Whenever I searched for "best book for computer architecture" in google, the first result to come up was this book "Computer Architecture : A quantitative approach"(3rd Edition) by Henessy and...

Asked on 08/21/2021

1 answer

Detailed video lecture series that follows "Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach" by Henessy Patterson

I want to do self-study for Computer Architecture and I wish I could get hold of a detailed video lecture series that goes hand in hand with the classic text...

Asked on 08/21/2021

0 answer

Any good beginner tutorials for learning LLVM

I think the assumes you know too much. It's written in an unfamiliar language to me, OCaml, and they assume you know about lexers, parsers, AST....

Asked on 08/21/2021 by Joshua Segal

2 answer

Software development vs universities and scientific papers

In short: Does learning how to make software, have its place inside universities? If so which parts of it? I was studying in a university in Russia. I don't want...

Asked on 08/21/2021 by Gherman

3 answer

How to embed TIC-80 into Computer science 101 course

I'm planning to design an introductory course to CS and programming for kids of 8-12 grade and see that we have Scratch for catching an eye in the beginning and...

Asked on 08/21/2021

1 answer

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