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AP Computer Science A vs. OCP

Out of my own interest, I have been self-learning Java over the past few months. I decided I should take this to a greater advantage, so I have been considering...

Asked on 06/19/2021 by Marwi

1 answer

What would be a good project for teaching big program concepts?

I'm a freelance computer science tutor with junior high and high school students (working outside of school - I give them assignments. Mostly my assignments are problems we find online,...

Asked on 06/15/2021

4 answer

Looking for a text book on object-oriented concepts and programming

I'm looking for a text for a course in object oriented programming. Most of the students will have done some programming courses in the past, but the background of...

Asked on 06/12/2021

1 answer

REPL environment for teacher assignments

As a teacher on an IT high school, I am teaching the basics of C#, JavaScript and PHP (in different years of their study of course) For about 3 years...

Asked on 06/09/2021 by Jan Koupil

1 answer

Any good resource for introducing kids to programming using Python's Turtle Graphics?

I would like to start volunteering with kids and young teengers in my community by introducing them to programming. I thought teaching them the basics of python would be a...

Asked on 06/01/2021 by Kam Eissawy

7 answer

Feedback request: an assignment on programming a research paper

I am teaching an elective course on algorithms for 3rd year undergraduates. There are 12 weekly assignments, each of which is worth 1% of the grade, and a final exam...

Asked on 05/21/2021

1 answer

Self Learning Quantum Computing and helpful resources that can aid, guide and teach Quantum Computing from CS&E perspective

Most technologists have some basic understanding of quantum computing.Quantum bits are represented by qubits, and information isn’t simply azero or one, it can be both at the same...

Asked on 05/17/2021 by RewCie

1 answer

Cheating on labs

It is spectacularly easy to cheat on CS labs at the high school level and above (roughly ages 14 and up), particularly on short, early assignments. In fact, there...

Asked on 05/14/2021

11 answer

What is good age to start learning programming?

I am thinking of offering classes for people, maybe take 5 to 10 at the time. There would be 4 hours every Saturday, twice a month, for three months. So...

Asked on 04/10/2021

15 answer

How to learn Java as a beginner?

I want to start learning Java from scratch. But as a beginner, I don't know where to start or what to learn first. I have basic knowledge in C++ but...

Asked on 04/04/2021 by Long le Thanh

2 answer

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