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Is there a good book for combinatorics for programmers?

The book should be easy to read, or at least average. The level for reading such a book is the MATH and CS school curriculum. It should also be expanded...

Asked on 03/25/2021 by Boujozo

1 answer

Common questions students may ask when they learn OOP?

Reading this question Do we really need OO languages to manage software complexity? on one of SE sites and my own experiences in teaching object-oriented concept, e.g. Some...

Asked on 03/14/2021

2 answer

What "process instruction" should instructors give students when assigning a team project?

Team projects seem to run in to difficulties fairly often. One complaint is that some member doesn't actually do anything, causing dissension or the failure of the project altogether. ...

Asked on 03/12/2021

4 answer

I know C++ 2003 How to start learning C++ 2017?

Tl;dr - the subject is enough. For background, read below. I am a professional, freelance, embedded software developer. I first learned about C++ in the 90s and taught myself from...

Asked on 03/11/2021

2 answer

introduction materials to the actor model?

I am looking for some introductions to the actor model. I don't mind books in specific programming languages, as long as they don't distract away or restrict the presentation of...

Asked on 03/09/2021

0 answer

games for teaching html

I have had good results, and happy students, using "CSS diner" to teach CSS selectors (I will share more in another question). And one of my students asked me if...

Asked on 03/08/2021

0 answer

Difference between a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in CS

I have just graduated from university with a B.S. in Economics. I am looking into changing fields into something less abstract and more practical, Computer Science. I have the choice...

Asked on 02/24/2021 by kanayt

2 answer

How should I handle over-demanding assignment providers?

Due to the coronavirus crisis, internships became hard to come by, due to companies not being able to house any students. So local colleges/companies made an arrangement in which one...

Asked on 02/24/2021 by A.bakker

3 answer

Student not understanding explanation the 1st, 2nd... and 8th time

I am working for a company, and a target for this year is to increase the level of CS knowledge among the staff. The company does mostly engineering stuff so...

Asked on 02/16/2021 by Rares Dima

4 answer

Is CS50 AP available for new teachers for 2020-2021?

I've taught AP CSP for a few years and am interested in teaching CS50 AP, but I'm having trouble getting started. The links in the getting started guide...

Asked on 02/04/2021 by M. Braden

1 answer

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