Words for Mercy in Toki Pona?

Constructed Languages Asked by Pureferret on August 20, 2021

I would like to translate Bismillah Ir-Rahmani Ir-Rahim into Toki Pona.

The parts I’m struggling with are the Rahma part, and the Raheem part, as they encompass similar but subtly different meanings of Mercy.

Rahma is more closely associated with motherly love. Rahim is more of an extreme mercy regardless of what is being forgiven.

I haven’t found a translation for mercy, let alone one that encompasses these subtle differences.

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Toki Pona has a word for mercy, and it is simply olin, just like love, tenderness, warmth, etc.

For instance:

mi jo e olin tan sina

(I have mercy because of you), or

mi jo e olin tawa sina

(I have mercy for you).

Correct answer by ᛤᗑᛥᛣᗑ on August 20, 2021

Maybe something like: "jan sewi li pana e olin tawa jan li lawa pona la lon nimi ona."

If you wanted to write it in what looked like arabic there is an adaptation of Arabic for English that could be also used for toki pona here.

یاَن سِوئ لئ پانا اِ اُولین تاوا یاُن لئ لاوا پُونا لا نئمئ اُونا.

Answered by jastako on August 20, 2021

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