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How to display decimals as fractions?

Is there a twig filter to display decimal values as fractions?...

Asked on 09/04/2021 by ponies

1 answer

JS login form on different domain and handling the CSRF token

Having sorted out the CORS issue and succesfully logging into Craft from a different domain using Javascript, I've now turned CSRF protection back on. I've got a module returning the...

Asked on 09/04/2021 by Clive Portman

1 answer

Is there a way to convert a Craft MySQL database to PostgreSQL?

I have an existing Craft installation using MySQL and I've only recently realized the error of my ways and would like to convert the database to PostgreSQL. Is this possible?...

Asked on 09/04/2021 by Brad Bell

1 answer

How to prepend user input data to a filename uploaded through Sprout Forms

I have a contact form where users have to fill in a name field and upload a file. I want to add the name the user filled in to...

Asked on 09/04/2021 by JJefferyDev

1 answer

Search not searching certain words - how to fix?

I have an entry about the U.K. TV show "Being Human". If I search "being" on the back end, it comes up with 0 results, same on the front end...

Asked on 09/04/2021 by MarkD

2 answer

Restrict entries to specific users

I would like to restrict entries to specific users on the frontend via a User Field called userSelector. It should be possible to have more than 1 user. I understand...

Asked on 09/04/2021

1 answer

How to search by title OR tag using Craft CMS?

I want to do a search query so the product title or product tag name matches the keyword. below is my code. if I remove the tag related query, this...

Asked on 09/04/2021 by aslamdoctor

1 answer

Get currentSite.handle in Element API

I need to get the currentSite in Element API. How can this be achieved? Is it as a slug in the endpoint URL? or as a Query param? Here is...

Asked on 09/04/2021 by nfq

1 answer

Send currentUser id along with uploaded asset

I've created an entry form with an assets field. All works great, uploading to portfolio/{} directories. On edit forms I only want to list assets uploaded by the currentUser so...

Asked on 09/04/2021 by Ian Ebden

1 answer

Using static translations for the primary site / site.php being ignored

I'm having trouble outputting static translations for the primary site, and only the primary site. Translations structure:translationsen-USsite.phpsite.php<?phpreturn [ 'UNIQUE_KEY_NAME' => `This is the string I'd like to appear.`,];Template...

Asked on 09/04/2021 by tomkiss

1 answer

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