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Is it possible to get the PGP public key from PGP message?

Is it possible to get the public key from PGP message in PEM(Base64) format? Here is the message:-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----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=ioKX-----END PGP MESSAGE-----I sent this to someone and I was...

Asked on 10/24/2021 by ZenXiu

1 answer

Construction of a "simple", nothing-up-my-sleeves, provably KPA resistant symmetric cipher

Why is AES secure? Apparently there is no answer - Why is AES resistant to known-plaintext attacks?. With this in mind, one would obviously want a cipher that is...

Asked on 10/24/2021 by super

2 answer

Non-post quantum primitives in MPC protocols: for and against?

Is it acceptable from a security point of view for an MPC protocol to use non-post quantum cryptographic primitives? Note that except for secret sharing, which provides information-theoretic security, many...

Asked on 10/24/2021 by mallea

0 answer

OpenSSL FIPS integrity check

As far as I know, FIPS requires a set of self tests (POST) to verify the cryptographic algorithms permitted and the integrity of the module. These tests are performed at...

Asked on 10/24/2021 by Guille

1 answer

Non-interactive proof of friendship

Alice would like to make public a proof that she is friends with Bob that has the following characteristics:Creation of the proof requires the agreement of both Alice and BobAnyone...

Asked on 10/24/2021 by Bastet Santiago

0 answer

Signing a GPG Public Key

I am trying to manually create a GPG Public Key (see here). I am able to generate a GPG Public Key with a correct hash, but fail to RSA-sign...

Asked on 10/24/2021 by D.O.

1 answer

What is the order of the Identity point on prime order elliptic curve groups?

I'm trying to understand how the identity point is represented in a group of prime order. What I think is correct: If the group has even order, then the identity...

Asked on 10/24/2021 by WeCanBeFriends

1 answer

What is different between G1×G1→GT and G1×G2→GT in the bilinear pairing?

It is an implementation of the bls12-381 algorithm known as pairing-friendly, at GitHub. Looking at this, the pairing parameters are $G_1$ and $G_2$,...

Asked on 10/24/2021

1 answer

Should you pad messages encrypted with stream ciphers?

Should you pad messages encrypted with stream ciphers? The obvious answer seems to be yes, right? It obviously leaks the exact length of the plaintext. Consider a situation where an...

Asked on 10/24/2021 by Kyb3r

0 answer

Is Computational Indistinguishability quantifiable?

Is Computational Indistinguishability quantifiable?I know that the success probability should be negligible, which however seems to be somewhat ambiguous.Is it possible (and usual) to say that given encryption...

Asked on 10/24/2021 by user9414424

1 answer

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