Does tables under schema uses multiple tablespaces other than default tablespace

I have schema A in a database and have assigned the default tablespace as myspace.

There are 20 tables that reside under this single schema and all the tables are using different tablespaces.

My question is:

Why are all tables using different tablespaces instead of the default tablespace?

Database Administrators Asked by Maheshnagakumar on December 28, 2020

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A default tablespace is just that, a default. If you specify a different tablespace when you create a table, the table will be created in the tablespace you specified. Though it would generally not make sense to do so, you could put each table in a different tablespace so that the user owned 20 tables in 20 different tablespaces none of which were the default tablespace.

Alternately, a user's default tablespace can be changed so it is possible that the 20 tables were created without a specified tablespace but when the user's default tablespace was different. Then the user's default tablespace was changed after all the tables were created.

Answered by Justin Cave on December 28, 2020

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