Mysql self Join query with Limit never terminates

Database Administrators Asked by Rainer Yuan on October 28, 2021

I’m running an experiment with the query

Select  Distinct table_1.id1, table_2.id1
    FROM  image as table_1, image as table_2
    WHERE  table_1.id2 = table_2.id2
    LIMIT  K;

When I run the query without limit, it terminates after 8 hours. However, the query does not terminate for Limit 80000.

I’m running this on cloudLab with 100GB Ram and Below is the image of my.cnf and query plan. I’m not sure what is the bottle neck for my query. How should I solve this problem

Query Plan text:

| -> Limit: 80000 row(s)
  -> Table scan on <temporary>
        -> Temporary table with deduplication
            -> Limit table size: 80000 unique row(s)
                -> Inner hash join (table_2.id2 = table_1.id2)  (cost=48913990425076.15 rows=48913988916980)
                    -> Table scan on table_2  (cost=0.01 rows=22116507)
                    -> Hash
                       -> Table scan on table_1  (cost=2224194.70 rows=22116507)

enter image description here

enter image description here

One Answer

Your comma between two table means that you make a cross join and then select only the fitting rows.

do a proper JOIN with ON Clause, like

Select Distinct t1.id1, t2.id1 
FROM image as t1 INNER JOIN image as t2 
ON t1.id2 = t2.id2 

Also have an index on id2 in the table image

Answered by nbk on October 28, 2021

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