What files of Mysql lib directory safe to be deleted and to be recreated with innodb_file_per_table settings?

Database Administrators Asked on December 12, 2020

I have brand new mysql 8 setup and installed on a centos 7. Unfortunately I forget to set innodb_file_per_table. I would like to dump the database and recreate with the innodb_file_per_table settings. I have google and its say its safe to delete ibdata1 and ib_logfile0 and ib_lofile1. But I could see many other files in it example binlog.000001, binlog.index, .pem file. mysql.ibd, #innodb_temp,undo_001, undo_002, performance_schema, mysql, mysql.sock,mysqlx.sock, sys etc. My question is that which are the files I should delete to get a fresh setup with my new settings?

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