What is an ODBK file and how to restore that?

Database Administrators Asked by Hasnain on November 14, 2020

I have recently come across a situation where I am required to restore an ODBK file. Basically this is a database file of Intergy Server (An EHR platform). I don’t know how to restore that file into a supported DB engine and how can I view the data. Upon searching I came to know that this is an OpenEdge DB file.
The server is running a Postgres engine as well but there is no table related to that EHR.

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ODBK isn't any abbreviation officially used by OpenEdge. But if it indeed is a backup file from Progress OpenEdge you need to use prorest:

prorest newdatabase backedupfile

Start by reading this article

Answered by Jensd on November 14, 2020

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