Graylog - docker swarm fields

DevOps Asked by Wer Bn on September 29, 2020

I have a Docker swarm with a configured Graylog server and the rest of its stack, along with a Logspout service with a replica in all of the swarm’s nodes

As you might know, docker swarm is composed of stacks that have services that spawn tasks.

Every time a task (equivalent to a container) docker has a policy to restart it.

So, in Graylog what I want to achieve is some kind of aggregation by service name or id, without regard for the task.

The problem is this:
enter image description here

Graylog only has those searchable fields related with docker, by default at least.

In my case, it would be very useful if I had docker_service.
I can imagine some sort of extractor that retrieved this information from the docker service and fed Graylog with other useful stuff: the tasks’s networks, stack, volumes, etc…

There is a similar question here. But the answer doesn’t quite fit. You have to change the log itself for it to work, when you already have that information in the docker engine API.

Is there any way "out of the box" of achieving this

Graylog version: 3.3.2
Docker version: 19.03.12
Logspout version: v3-master

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