Crossfire/Unify - Change Settings in TX and in OSD

I have a Crossfire Nano RX and a Unify Pro32 Nano VTX. I’m using the CRSF setting and wiring to allow the LUA script in the radio to change the settings in the VTX (power, band, channel, pitmode on/off). I’d like to keep this functionality, but also be able to change VTX settings in the Betaflight OSD as well. Is this possible?


  1. I’d like to keep the ability to configure the VTX via my radio
  2. I’d like to add the ability to configure the VTX via Betaflight OSD

Drones and Model Aircraft Asked by Schome1 on August 19, 2021

2 Answers

2 Answers

I believe the answer is no, you cannot use both. When you set the vtx up for lua in the radio, you change the communication protocol from SA to CRSF. You also remove the SA wire from the FC and move it to the Rx channel 1. So having just done this twice, it seems you get one or the other.

Correct answer by Clem See on August 19, 2021

Yes, it’s called SmartAudio.

I don’t know exactly how you have your VTX wired up, but you can use a spare UART on your FC and then set it up in the ports tab in Betaflight.

Then you can configure your settings in the VTX tab in Betaflight.

Answered by Drones and Whatnot on August 19, 2021

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