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Quadcopter rotates too slow

When I flew my drone yesterday, all the manoeuvres I did felt really slow. I then went into the OSD and changed the rates a bit. The drone then acted...

Asked on 08/19/2021 by Hannes Hultergård

1 answer

Recommendations for a BLDC motor and battery for a 28x20 propeller?

I'm looking for a motor and battery set up that can last for over an hour and spin the propeller at 6000+ rpm. The propeller is a 28x20 single blade...

Asked on 08/19/2021 by Gabriel Kusiak

1 answer

DJI Go Android App Flight Simulator

So I have two DJI platforms, and have had them for about 6 months now. I keep seeing these references all over the Internet and YouTube about how handy it...

Asked on 08/19/2021

1 answer

What are the benefits to different types of frame arrangements?

When looking at different frames, there are lots of descriptions for different ways the arms are set up. Are there objective descriptions of how these arrangement change the flight characteristics...

Asked on 08/19/2021 by Carbon Soar

2 answer

First radio transmitter. Taranis X-Lite, X9 Lite or Jumper T8GS?

I'm looking for a nice budget radio transmitter to start in the hooby and stay with it for some good time. I'm found these three good options but I'm tottaly...

Asked on 08/19/2021 by Douglas Ferreira

1 answer

Seeking a cheap, programmable drone, for use in the UK

This meta question states that recommendation questions are on-topic. However, as I am new here, I don't want to commit a fox's foot (faux pas ;-), so please vote...

Asked on 08/19/2021

1 answer

Unrecognised ESC motor connector

I purchased an ESC and a Speed 400 motor about 17 years ago with the intention of building my first electric powered model plane. Life took its various turns though...

Asked on 08/19/2021 by John Rix

2 answer

Finding a ready-to-fly Taranis compatible, Eachine compatible, S4 compatible under 200€ drone

The questionI'm looking for a drone under 200€, preferably 5" (as that's what I'm used to) but other sizes are ok, that can be purchased/delivered to France, is...

Asked on 08/19/2021 by Mathieu VIALES

1 answer

Drone Controller, PID Is Enough, or ODE Modeling Required?

I am planning to build a remote controlled dualcopter where I have two propellers, one on top and one on the bottom. The bottom rotor will be gimbal based for...

Asked on 08/19/2021 by BBSysDyn

2 answer

Is owning, but not flying, a drone in Germany illegal?

I live in Germany but I travel a lot around the world; my new hobby is aerial photography, for this I am considering buying a drone. ...

Asked on 08/19/2021 by ΦXocę 웃 Пepeúpa ツ

2 answer
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