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Can "toy" drone FC firmware be tweaked?

Can the flight controller of cheap "toy" grade quads, such as the Blade Inductrix, be programmed at all? I'd assume that even if it's possible, it wouldn't be practical. I...

Asked on 08/19/2021 by Galaxy

2 answer

In what situations do puffy batteries pose a risk of ignition?

In this Drones and Model Aircraft SE question, Is it safe to fly LiPo batteries after they get "puffy"?, David O. asked if it is safe to use puffy...

Asked on 08/19/2021 by RockPaperLz- Mask it or Casket

2 answer

F450 frame all legs are not stable

I have one of the so called popular F450 frames. Not the original dji one, but chinese part. Now, I have assembled motors and ESCs. The assembling...

Asked on 08/19/2021 by muyustan

1 answer

How do aerodynamics for small model aircraft differ from that of larger aircraft?

I am reading an aerodynamics textbook (Introduction to Aerodynamics by Anderson). I am still in the chapters that deal with subsonic aerodynamics, which seems to have a focus on life-sized...

Asked on 12/08/2020 by Flux

1 answer

Will connecting my Mavic Pro to a an iPad Litchi app try to update my Mavic Pro firmware?

I have an iPad that I keep offline and use the DJI Go app with. If I install Litchi, return the iPad to offline mode and connect it to...

Asked on 08/25/2020 by cliffclof

1 answer

Transmit video from drone to laptop via WiFi

I recently decided to build my first drone and bought Eachine Tyro 129 KIT. It has a 5.8GHz video transmitter - xf5804 which is supposed to send video...

Asked on 08/15/2020 by user1876484

2 answer
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