CSS-tags added using Display suite on products disappears

Drupal Answers Asked by Anders Wallenquist on October 4, 2020

Using Display Suite to format output of entity product from Drupal Commerce. HTML- and CSS-tags added by “Expert” formatting tend to disappear when products are viewed using display-nodes. In this case its a image-field with n-number of images that I’m trying to display in a horizontal row instead of stack them vertical. I’m using fancybox as display widget and want to change the behaivor with “float: left; position: relative;”. Drupal 7.

The dialog for entering the extra tags are displayed both in product-type view and node-type view when administer fields. It does not matter if I do the formatting at product-type-level or node-type.

When adding the same formatting with a non commerce node-type it works as I suppose it should.

Are there a better way to accomplish horizontal rows with thumnails and displaying full size-pictures using fanzybox when presenting commerce products?

I have been using lightbox2, but it seems to be a bug when combining it with Drupal Commerce.

One Answer

I am not trying to do any grid nor gallery, but have had success with Colorbox. for info on enabling it.

Answered by Onyx on October 4, 2020

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