Drupal 8 CKEeditor license/pricing

Drupal Answers Asked by donquixote on January 2, 2022

Drupal 8 ships with ckeditor as the default text editor. Drupal itself can be used free of charge without limitations. At least this is what I thought until now.

While CKEditor seems to be OpenSource, the website suggests there is a price depending on how it will be used. E.g. if a project has more than 2 developers, or more than 5 content editors.

How does this play together? What am I missing? Is there a special license when using CKEditor in a Drupal project?

One Answer

Both Drupal and CKEditor are licensed under GPL2+.

See and

CKEditor is not the only open source project offering commercial licensing. See the FAQ.

Answered by 4k4 on January 2, 2022

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