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Changing library path with hook_library_info_alter

I am having difficulties to change the library path defined by another module in *.libraries.yml via hook_library_info_alter Essentially I have one module defining a library component in its *.libraries.yml like...

Asked on 09/08/2020 by Extect

1 answer

How can execute batch api over cron jobs

I am working on Drupal 8 and batch API. I created the batch api calling importingmatch and it should automatically importing every 1 hour. My solution is use Drush for...

Asked on 09/06/2020 by JohnTang

3 answer

How can I programatically add a shipping method to a store?

I am using Commerce with Marketplace, and am using the Shipping module. In my commerce marketplace, users become sellers via a custom form, where I create the store entity on...

Asked on 09/04/2020 by vintorg

1 answer

Local Dev .theme file not loading

I'm working on a local development environment (via Acquia Dev Desktop). Our theme is a subtheme of the Stack theme. In this situation, I'm making changes to my .theme...

Asked on 09/04/2020 by JMichael

1 answer

Webform submitted data in views

I am using the Webform and displaying it using the Views module. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the submitted data of the webform in views. Any...

Asked on 08/31/2020 by user3783391

5 answer

Export and Import Taxonomies and Extra Fields

I created extra field in Login Form, I Installed even Extra Module (address) and create Taxonomies Now I want to Export these configurations to another Drupal. This Drupal...

Asked on 08/21/2020 by monkeyUser

1 answer

How to resolve lazy_builder error?

We have a field that is an Entity Reference to Blocks. In our situation, this field is referencing a View block. We are able to add this field on the...

Asked on 08/19/2020 by usernameabc

1 answer

Theme developer module crashes the whole site when enabled, how to fix?

I'm working on a clean Drupal 7.x installation, downloaded Theme developer and its dependent module simplehtmldom API( another required module for Theme developer) using...

Asked on 08/15/2020 by Kareem

2 answer

redirect whole site to HTTPS

When I include the snippet found in answer to this question How to simply make the whole site HTTPS? to redirect to https in my htaccess.php file, all...

Asked on 08/11/2020 by naomisl

3 answer

User Role creation in module overridden by configuration import

I'm creating a user Role in a .yml file like user.role.myrole.yml.This works fine when this module is installed manually and the Role is created. When I enable this module...

Asked on 08/04/2020 by Pan Chrono

1 answer

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