User specific permission to add links to a menu

Drupal Answers Asked by mavicc on November 26, 2020

When I create a content type, e.g. ‘Basic Page’ and I want to add a link to a menu I do usually the following:
Menu settings -> Provide a menu link -> choose a menu and its position of the link there

I know, that I can define, which menus are appearing here, in the menu settings section of a content type.

I have several menus, for specific users. For now, if they create a new ‘Basic Page’ they see all the menus, which are set for this content type. So as well, menus from other users. Is it possible to show just their own menu, so they do not have access to the other menus?

For now I solve this problem by assigning roles for each individual user, and granting permissions for this ‘user role’ per ‘user menu’, by using the Menu Admin per Menu module for D7. It would be much more convenient, to use user specific permissions here.

Is there any way, of doing that?

Thank you in advance!

2 Answers

Custom Menu Permissions

This module does two things:

  1. It allows for the permission used to access any menu item on the system to be overridden.
  2. It allows for custom permissions (see hook_permission()) to be created through the admin interface. These permissions can be used the same as any permissions created in a module using hook_permission() - ie in modules, templates, and in hook_menu() callbacks.

Answered by Adi on November 26, 2020

Check this Menu Per User and let me know if you face any issues.

Answered by Ajay Reddy on November 26, 2020

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