Webform submitted data in views

Drupal Answers Asked by user3783391 on August 31, 2020

I am using the Webform and displaying it using the Views module.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the submitted data of the webform in views.

Any suggeestions?

5 Answers

In Drupal 8, you need to install the "Webform Views" module to have the webform submission data show up in "Views".

Answered by Charles Letcher on August 31, 2020

you need to add new view 'admin/structure/views/add' and into Show select webform submission continue and edit ... you can get all the submission list into the view.

enter image description here

Add field webform submission data:value

enter image description here

Then select webform node and field you want.

enter image description here

You can see the fields like this

enter image description here

View result

enter image description here

Try it.

Answered by AddWeb Solution Pvt Ltd on August 31, 2020

If your needs are more complex, you may use Data and/or Webform MySQL Views modules.

Answered by Orkut Murat Yılmaz on August 31, 2020

Create a new view by selecting webform submissions data and rendered submissions instead of fields under Display format. Or follow the process from this : - how-display-webform-submissions-views-drupal-7

Answered by Umesh Patil on August 31, 2020

Create a new view for your submissions, for example, lets create a table.

Add a new field, and look for "webform submission data: value". Once you have selected that, you will need to enter the name, or the nid of your webform, and then select a field to show that value.

If you cant see the "webform submission data: value" field right away, you may need to add a relationship to your view for that specific webform.

Answered by Collins on August 31, 2020

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