where in database is renamed login for 'Rename Admin Paths"

Drupal Answers Asked on November 8, 2021

A little embarrassing – I’ve lost/forgotten the login page for a Drupal 8.9 website. It was renamed using the module "Rename Admin Paths."

I’ve gone to the module page at and looked through issues and comments, but none of the solutions I found will work.

This site is unable to install Composer or Drush at this time, so I can’t use any method there. Another suggestion was to search the ‘variables’ table – but that was specific to D7, I believe. I don’t see that table.

I’ve commented within their page hoping to find the answer, but maybe someone here happens to know the answer?

One Answer

Look in the config and key_value tables for "rename_admin_paths.settings"

Answered by beltouche on November 8, 2021

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