Any way to identify source of traffic on Amazon KDP?

Ebooks Asked by Marge on September 22, 2020

Given a kindle book published on Amazon KDP, is there a way to find out from where traffic or sales came from?

For example, I might add links pointing to my book on my website, or on social media, on forums or whatever and I want to know from where my readers came from, to optimize my strategy of recommending or advertising for the book on one channel or another. Obviously, from my own website I can see on what links people click and I can measure that interaction, but on other channels like forums or social media I have no control whatsoever, I can only add a link and somehow add some parameters to that link to later find out from KDP where users came from.

I could not find anything related to how one might do that. I found examples with parameters like:

But no information about what these parameters do, or if they are even valid, or if there is a KDP report that shows them.

The best I could find is the Amazon Associate program, where you can create an affiliate account, but I don’t need that. It’s my own book and I just want to know where buyers come from, it’s not an affiliation.

Is there any way to find out this information?

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