Adding switch gives an error in Proteus

Electrical Engineering Asked by Sizu Taylorventuresllc on December 4, 2020

This is the working circuit :

Final Image

I have researched it quite a lot in the past few hours but still I don’t understand what the error is about.

The Problem

But when I added a switch, it gives an error ( I am quite a noob with proteus and electricals ) :

Thanks 🙂


Another Problem Circuit

Textual Error Details

2 Answers

Ground the switch, not the positive and before doing the simulation, turn off the switch, then do the simulation and you can put it on. I had a similar problem and it worked.

Answered by serge h on December 4, 2020

Switches are not easy to model, particularly ideal ones. These introduce instantaneous current discontinuities.

Circuit modeling software is just a differential equation solver with a circuit-based interface. A variable discontinuity in time is what is known as a “shock” in diffeq parlance.

Shocks require specialized algorithms to handle them. A normal algorithm would just try to reduce the simulation time step size until it hits the resolution limit, that’s the error you are getting.

You should be able to model it by making the switch more real, by placing a very small capacitor (a few pF) in parallel with it. But there is no guarantee as a discontinuity in a branch current will still be present.

The proper way would be to specify a switch model that avoids all the discontinuities altogether (e.g., a resistor whose value quickly increases), but I am not sure if Proteus allows for that.

Answered by Edgar Brown on December 4, 2020

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