Arduino Mega output at 2.5 Volts and how to pull-down?

Electrical Engineering Asked by tibu.v on December 21, 2020

In my arduino project I want to connect the output of first arduino to an input of a second Arduino. Unfortunately on trying I found that the second Arduino input was behaving as always on. On further investigation I found that pin 51 output gives 2.5 volts approximately from the time I power the first arduino. All other pins are 0 or nearly 0.

I read through the forums and found that input pins need to be pulled down for stopping them from floating, but should it be required when connected to output of the first arduino?

Should I use a pull down resistor to the rogue output? I if I add a 5kohm resistor grounded between this output and input of second Arduino should it be ok?

Weirdly in the IDE this pin (51) variable name "L" shows up as green while others are black.

Circuit diagram

One Answer

I believe the problem can be solved by implementing certain changes.

  • Make all the GND connections common. This includes shorting both Arduino GNDs. Your floating problem will reduce significantly.
  • Your 2.5V reading always staying the same can imply that either that the pinMode is not set right or there is an internal short in the PCB or the circuit built.Check your perpherals connected to the board.
  • If there are multiple perpherals connected to your arduino mega, the current draw is more than the threshold. So technically your signal acts abnormally by fluctuating the signal strength in the circuit.
  • Rearrange your code initialization, functions, setup and loop statements, figure where the loop does not work according to your requirement.
  • To prove a point, try giving output of your mega from other pin than just 51. Check if the problem still exists.

These are the things I can think of from the top of my head right now. Hope this helped.

Answered by N0m4d on December 21, 2020

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