Burried via with custom shape in Altium

Electrical Engineering Asked by user163061 on January 2, 2022

Does anyone know how to implement in Altium a buried via (a via in PCB inner layers) with e.g. rounded rectangle shape? E.g. i could define a pad with rounded rectangle shape and connections in inner layers, but the pad hole can go through full stack only.

I need this for a very specific design, and from manufacturer point of view this could be done. But, I would need advice on how to specify it properly in PCB design.

Perhaps there exists any other methods how to achieve this (specify a rounded rectangle shape slot with plated sides in PCB inner/core layer) with other methods?

One Answer

I don't think you will find a "neat" soloution. Personally what I would probablly do is.

  1. Place a regular blind via (preferablly a different size from all your other blind vias) in the middle of your hole somewhere so that the nets are joined up.
  2. Draw what you want on an otherwise-unused mechanical layer.
  3. Tell your PCB vendor what you have done.

Answered by Peter Green on January 2, 2022

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