Can the capacitance of a proximity sensor be increase by adding layer to the capacitor?

Electrical Engineering Asked by Pat on October 23, 2020

Would adding layers to the capacitor of a proximity sensor from lets say 1 (A) to 4 layers (B) help with increasing the capacitance and at the same time the distance that can be sensed with a proximity sensor?

Simple capacitor vs multi-layer capacitor

One Answer

Unfortunately, this won't work. In order to increase the sensitivity, you'd have to increase the area of near contact between the capacitor plate and your hand. Since all the plates you've drawn are connected to the same node, there's no electric field between them...only between the top plate and the finger. Reducing the thickness of the insulator would proportionally increase the capacitance.

Correct answer by Cristobol Polychronopolis on October 23, 2020

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