Sensitivity of a frequency meter

Electrical Engineering Asked by AND on October 4, 2020

Can I know the sensitivity of a power frequency measurement unit?

I can not find it in the specifications sheet.

I do have, though, the accuracy of the unit (10 mHz)

Thanks in advance!!

Update : I am going to reformulate the question ,

I have a requirement in a project I am working on of a certain sensitivity in a frequency meter. I am trying to reach some providers but in none of their datasheet the sensitivity is explicitly mentioned. On the other hand, accuracy is.

My question then is ? Having an accuracy of 10 mHz implies to have a sensitivity of at least 10 mHz?

Thanks again 🙂

One Answer

The answer to your question, in spite of lack of information about your measuring device, is yes. You cannot measure frequency with an accuracy of 10 mHz unless you can resolve the frequency to at least that amount, preferably even better like in the range of 1-5 mHz. By the way, in engineering we generally use the term "resolution" to indicate how small a quantity a measuring device can display. Sensitivity is usually reserved for how small a signal a measuring device needs to provide its accuracy and resolution. Also note that accuracy and resolution are not the same. Many meters that provide lots of resolution, that is display many digits, do not necessarily have the accuracy commensurate with that resolution.

Answered by Barry on October 4, 2020

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