Get close, minimize, and maximize in Chrome to appear on the right side in Freya?

elementary OS Asked by fuzzybabybunny on November 24, 2021

I can go into Freya’s Tweaks in Settings to have Close, Minimize, and Maximize appear on the top right of each window, but this does NOT seem to work for Google Chrome. The Close ‘X’ is still appearing on the upper left of the window even after applying the Tweaks settings.

Any way to change this?

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Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to start Task Manager. When Task Manager opens, locate Desktop Windows Manager, right click it and choose End Task.

Answered by Jayakumar R on November 24, 2021

If you want to have minimize , maximize and close buttons on top right of chrome :

Open terminal and run:

gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string ":minimize,maximize,close"

Now restart chrome.

GUI method:

Install gconf-editor:

sudo apt-get install gconf-editor

Now Open configuration-editor --> apps-->metacity--> general, select button_layout and right click --> Edit Key.

Now add value :minimize,maximize,close


Note : If you enable use system title bar and borders It will not work.So make sure that was disabled. I have tested it in freya.

how to rollback?

Open configuration-editor --> apps --> metacity--> general

Now in right side of the window, select button_layout and right-click select Unset key.

Now restart chrome.

EDIT: To give clarity

At first:


Adjusting settings-


After still close button on left:


After executing command in my answer :


Answered by Ravan on November 24, 2021

Go into google chrome settings and in apperance you will find use system title bar and borders check it and that'll do.

Answered by user2587 on November 24, 2021

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