Hera: Intel 1065G7 Stuck Low Clock Speed @ Low Temps

elementary OS Asked by D3vRandom on August 28, 2021

I have a fresh install of Hera and noticed when I was running a single threaded application that the clock speed of my Intel 1065G7 processor doesn’t go above 1300 MHz ever.

My temps are 55 C Maximum after the about an hour of testing.

The OS runs my processor @ 500 – 1300 MHz normally during web browsing and and coding.

I have tried installing TLP and overriding clock speed manually and setting custom profiles but still doesn’t solve the issue.

Any help would be appreciated as my productivity has been greatly impacted due to the slow speeds.

One Answer

It won't run at full speed with the power cable unplugged. Also, update the BIOS. Check can you force the clock speed in BIOS. Check do you have in Advanced tab something called Intel SpeedStep. If yes, then enable it (if it is disabled).

Answered by Sysadmin on August 28, 2021

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Hera: Intel 1065G7 Stuck Low Clock Speed @ Low Temps

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