Keeping both files with auto rename when copying

elementary OS Asked by Manuj Chandra on August 28, 2021

When copying 10 files from a folder to another, which already has those 10 files, 3 options are given,

a) keep latest
b) replace with the one you are dragging
c) renaming to keep both

Is it possible to have auto rename in option c of all files to keep both copies, just like in Windows 10? Manual renaming to avoid conflict is alright for 1 or 2 files, but if you are copying 10-15 files then auto renaming will be more productive.

One Answer

You need to raise an issue at (after checking for duplicates). You should specify what form you want the auto-renaming to take, e.g. adding "-(copy)" to the filename, rather than referencing another OS.

Answered by Jeremy Wootten on August 28, 2021

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