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Customizing Elementary OS 5.1 Terminal Not Working

I'm tring to change the theme for default Terminal app, the commands seem to run without throwing errors, yet nothing happens.I tried running:gsettings set io.elementary.terminal.settings foreground 'rgb(46, 46,...

Asked on 08/28/2021 by motash

2 answer

Where is the best place to suggest features / ask for little quality of life improvments?

I have been using eOS as my everyday OS for a couple of weeks now and noticed multiple possible small additions, of which I think would make a great improvement...

Asked on 08/28/2021

2 answer

Can't Add Repository "Could not find a distribution template for elementary/hera"

I wanted to add Inkscape repository to download Inkscape 1.0 which is not available in the default elementary repository. Before I've ever done sudo add-apt-repository and it just worked fine....

Asked on 08/28/2021 by Heru Setiawan

2 answer

Elementary OS is slow and unstable

I've installed Elementary OS for web development and android development. I usually work with Vscode, terminal and multiple chrome tabs opened. I'm pretty sure that my laptop can handle it....

Asked on 08/28/2021 by vsskamal

4 answer

I hear a voice each time I am in application

I am using Elementary OS Hera 5.1 and I have a particular problem.When I turn on my PC today I started to hear a voice that read the content of...

Asked on 08/28/2021 by fleuro75

1 answer

System fonts broken on Hera

I'm running eOS 5.1.6 Hera on Dell XPS 13 (9300) as daily driver and am really enjoying it. That said, after a reboot today the system-wide fonts got completely broken...

Asked on 08/28/2021 by Georgiy Syunyaev

7 answer

Hera: wingpanel-indicator-session freezes for a long time the first time I click on it

After I login to my elementary Hera install, I'm able to do most tasks normally, including using indicator panels on wingpanel. However, as soon as I try to click...

Asked on 08/28/2021 by askingforabudomine

1 answer

Hera: Intel 1065G7 Stuck Low Clock Speed @ Low Temps

I have a fresh install of Hera and noticed when I was running a single threaded application that the clock speed of my Intel 1065G7 processor doesn't go above 1300...

Asked on 08/28/2021 by D3vRandom

1 answer

Removing or disabling the wingpanel in 5.1 Hera without breaking the system

I'm somebody who personally likes switching up the UI of my devices every few months, so I recently decided to ditch plank and wingpanel in favor of xfce4-panel. Ditching plank...

Asked on 08/28/2021 by ioi-xd

1 answer

Firefox issue - can't get updates (non curated apps)

I'm having issues with Firefox:It is a 'non curated' app, so when i try to select automatically update in the firefox setting, the toggle is greyed out and I'm told...

Asked on 08/28/2021 by Rob Brown

1 answer

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