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Boot Issue After Formatting and Changing Mounting Points

Sorry in advance for my poor screenshots since I can't boot up! For some reason my 2nd internal NVMe drive was inaccessible, so I messed around with it in a...

Asked on 08/28/2021 by user5652235

2 answer

Permanent Static Route to Device

Does anyone know how to make the following command permanent in Elementary OS?route add -host dev wlp0s20f3This route does exactly what I need, but its not permanent. A...

Asked on 08/28/2021 by BlackSpy

1 answer

No Wireless Connection On Elementary OS On Hera 5.1

I am using the Hera 5.1 I tried to restart network manager and there was a pop up but when I open Network Settings there was only vpn and proxy???...

Asked on 08/28/2021 by SkySoraChi

3 answer

Display resolution

I'm a begineer user of a Elementary OS; can anybody help me to indicate how can I have a good resolution of display? After instalation of Elementary OS is...

Asked on 08/28/2021

1 answer

Black Screen After Boot – On a Macbook White 2010 / GeForce 320M After Updated to Nvidia 340 Drivers — Running Hera

Tried to give some new life to my old Macbook White Mid 2010 with Elementary: 1st First installrEFInd is installedElementary Live version runs fineOnce installed and system updated (apart from...

Asked on 08/28/2021 by Leandro Rossa

0 answer

Monitor type wrongly detected in Hera

Having used Loki for several years I have just updated to Hera. All my hardware is the same. Just a complete software upgrade. Works well except Hera recognises my Samsung...

Asked on 08/28/2021 by Mal-110

0 answer

I cannot install WINE

Whenever I try sudo apt-get install wine-stableI getThe following packages have unmet dependencies:wine-stable : Depends: wine-stable-i386 (= 5.0.1~focal)Depends: wine-stable-amd64 (= 5.0.1~focal) but it is not going to be...

Asked on 08/28/2021 by Joshua Ham

1 answer

No WiFi MacBook Pro after ElementaryOS install

Just installed Elementary OS on mid-2009 MacBook Pro. During install, the installer displays and connects to my WiFi network, but after install it does not. In addition, no networks show...

Asked on 08/28/2021 by JethroBodine

2 answer

Always on top of a full-screen app?

An editor (notepadqq) is opened in a full screen mode. I need a calculator app (SpeedCrunch) to be always visible on top of the editor in the same workspace. When...

Asked on 08/28/2021 by LABS

1 answer

Setting Default Applications that are NOT standard or available in drop-down menu

Does anyone know how to set a default application that does not appear in the drop-down menu? I use Guayadeque as my music player but it does not appear as...

Asked on 08/28/2021 by Jim The Tyreman

2 answer

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