Removing or disabling the wingpanel in 5.1 Hera without breaking the system

elementary OS Asked by ioi-xd on August 28, 2021

I’m somebody who personally likes switching up the UI of my devices every few months, so I recently decided to ditch plank and wingpanel in favor of xfce4-panel. Ditching plank turned out to remove elementary os tweaks as well, but at least I found a hacky method of hiding it so it didn’t get in the way, so I didn’t even need to uninstall it. Wingpanel proves to be more challenging, as it removes pantheon-xsession-settings and pantheon-shell along with it, therefore preventing me from being able to log in. Unlike Plank, Wingpanel doesn’t even have customization in the slightest, so I see no way of removing it or disabling it, and there seems to be no results on Google about it. This is the point where I would switch to Debian but I don’t want to go through the work of distro hopping and I don’t want to give up Elementary OS’s user friendliness. How can I remove wingpanel, or disable it, or at the very least make it completely invisible like I did with Plank?

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So I ended up devising my own hacky solution to get rid of it. I made a bash file titled /usr/bin/nowingpanel and in it, I put this...

while true; do
    sleep 1
    killall wingpanel

I made it an executable and put it in the startup applications and now wingpanel is no more.

Answered by ioi-xd on August 28, 2021

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