Show/hide "used" bar and/or entry in Files sidebar for specific drives?

elementary OS Asked by Mai on August 28, 2021

I’ve several partitions on my HDD, the main ones being my elementary OS one which shows up as "File System" in the sidebar, an NTFS data one called "Data", which I’ve set to auto-mount to /media/data, and "Acer", which holds my Windows stuff. Today I was trying to make ncmpcpp work with a Music folder I had in the Data partition, and the simplest solution seemed to be to mount it to my /home/user/Music, which seemed to work perfectly.

Now, however, when I open the Files application, in the sidebar there’s a bit of a mess.

Screenshot of the sidebar

Now there seem to be two Data drives (is that the correct term to use here? drives?), the top one, with the "this and this full" bar leading to the Music folder, and the bottom one leading to the actual Data partition. I would like for them to either switch places in the list, so that the "full" bar actually corresponds to the drive it is showing the info about (and, label the music one accordingly so it’s less confusing), or, preferably, hide the Music folder one from the list entirely while still mounting it to /home/username/Music, such that ncmpcpp still can find my tracks and the sidebar is not cluttered.

EDIT: changed nothing in any settings, but upon opening Files both Data entries now have the bar and are therefore indistinguishable if one does not know the position of each one.

EDIT 2: I mounted the Music folder with adding /media/data/Music /home/username/Music none bind to fstab, as was suggested by some ncmpcpp user, then did sudo mount -a

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The only answer to this is to get it fixed in the source code so an issue needs to be raised at - I will do that for you.

Answered by Jeremy Wootten on August 28, 2021

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