Copy the extra information lines from *Org Agenda*

It’s somehow strange.

In the *Org Agenda* you can get extra information with v c (time gaps) or v E (some entry text).

What I want is just to copy the extra information (text lines) with the rest of the text, so just to copy all the text from the *Org Agenda* buffer — nothing else.

I have tried org-copy-visible or even C-x C-w; org ignores the extra information and doesn’t copy them.
C-x h also ignores the extra information lines.

How can I copy the whole buffer text?

Emacs Asked by rl1 on January 1, 2021

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Although it's an extra step, you might have a look at Overlays to text.

In your example, using that function by typing M-x overlays-to-text successfully copies all visible text, including the extra lines from v E and the time gap information from v c.

The function places all that text in a new buffer. You can select anything you want from the resulting buffer.

Answered by gregoryg on January 1, 2021

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