File within a root grandparent is detected by emacs as belonging to a directory that doesn't exists

I’m editing a file within a directory /parentdir/userdir/file with the following permissions:

$ sudo namei -l $(pwd)
drwxr-xr-x   root   root   /
drwx------   root   root   parentdir
drwx--S---   myuser myuser userdir
-rw-------   myuser myuser file

Additionally, both parentdir and userdir have set a facl rule that, by default, creates files and directories without any permission for group or others. In any case, my PWD is /parentdir/userdir and I have full permissions to edit file.

However, if I edit file using emacs, when trying to save the changes, it says to me that the directory /parentdir/userdir/ doesn’t exists, and asks me if I want to create it.

How can I skip that message in a safe way? Maybe the reason is that emacs is trying to save the file using absolute paths, and it gets confuses since it has no execute permissions to access that directory.

Emacs Asked on November 30, 2021

1 Answers

One Answer

Your question is poorly written, but yes, that error is because there's no way to traverse into the directory.

Answered by db48x on November 30, 2021

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