Glass/Tile drill bits

Engineering Asked on December 26, 2021

I meant to get a countersink for wood. Then in the hardware store, beside the countersinks, I saw a glass/tile drill bit set, which as a pack, is not so much more expensive than a single countersink. So, I got those glass/tile bits.

Now, I have a problem whether these bits would actually last. I suppose these are Tungsten Carbide & perhaps cut more so with it’s hardness (chipping at the ceramic or glass) than with a sharp edge. I haven’t opened them, but I assume them to be sharp. So if I used these & the sharpness wears away on its intended use, it’s still good for the intended use. But, for wood, without the sharp edge obviously, it won’t bore well.

Am I wrong here?

One Answer

A glass or tile drill has a cutting edge designed for that hard material which comes off as a dust.

A wood bit cuts more material faster so it has a fluting designed to remove that material.

Purchase and use the correct one for the job otherwise they can overheat and fail needing replacement.

Answered by Solar Mike on December 26, 2021

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