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Could pre-stressed graphene be used to reinforce granite block construction?

I am curious whether this will become an option, especially for longer lasting structures. Could pre-stressed graphene or another high tensile strength material by used to reinforce granite block construction?...

Asked on 09/04/2021 by Dev Slocum

3 answer

How is electrical building code defined and applied to new constructions?

A new home (completed in early 2020) in San Jose California does not have GFCI outlets in all the bathrooms. I thought this was a requirement (according to ...

Asked on 09/04/2021

2 answer

Are toilets supposed to come loose?

I have a typical, classical (but modern-made) Western porcelain toilet. Just a couple of years ago, they redid the entire bathroom (unasked for, forced "upgraded"). I've noticed many times when...

Asked on 09/03/2021 by H. Cadman

3 answer

As a rugged and waterproof device, how does gopro dissipate heat?

I am new to designing rugged + waterproof products. I am curious about how to dissipate heat when the electronics are running and the ambient environment is even hotter. It...

Asked on 09/03/2021

1 answer

How to fix sheared flats on a pulley?

On my belt sander, there is a small cast aluminum drive pulley/wheel about 1.25" diameter that slips over a 5/16" shaft. Two flats on the shaft mate with two flats...

Asked on 09/02/2021

2 answer

Why are bird flight diverters shaped like a spiral?

I was out walking and saw these strange looking spirals on some power lines. When I got home I did some...

Asked on 09/02/2021 by jhabbott

1 answer

Will this straw feeder work?

I'm building a machine to make drinks and I would like to be able to put a straw into the cup. To achieve this, I need to build some kind...

Asked on 09/02/2021 by Adam Ježek

1 answer

Smallest capacitor in size

What is the smallest capacitor in size, which has been engineered and how much is it's capacitance? I presume it must be something etched on chip. ...

Asked on 09/02/2021 by iuyhj

1 answer

How does a two dimensional elevator work?

If you watch this video, you can get a sense of how an elevator can operate in two dimensions. But, what I can't figure out is how...

Asked on 09/02/2021

2 answer

What is the technical name for a water reservoir that retains its contents via vacuum and ambient air pressure?

This is a strange question for me because this is so extremely common, but I have never heard a name to describe exactly what it is. ...

Asked on 09/02/2021 by Dale Mahalko

2 answer

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